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Acyl Chloride

  • Oxalyl Chloride CAS No.:79-37-8
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    Oxalyl Chloride CAS No.:79-37-8

    Oxalyl chloride Specification The Oxalyl chloride, with the CAS registry number 79-37-8,is also known as Oxalyl dichloride; Ethanedioyl dichloride. It belongs to the product categories of Synthetic Organic Chemistry;Others;Oxidation;Synthetic Reagents;Agrochemicals. Its...Read More
  • Methyl Oxalyl Chloride CAS No.:5781-53-3
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    Methyl Oxalyl Chloride CAS No.:5781-53-3

    Aceticacid, chlorooxo-, methyl ester (9CI); Glyoxylic acid, chloro-, methyl ester(6CI,7CI,8CI); (Chloro)(oxo)acetic acid methyl ester; Chloroglyoxylic acidmethyl ester;Read More
  • Ethyl Oxalyl Monochloride CAS No.:4755-77-5
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    Ethyl Oxalyl Monochloride CAS No.:4755-77-5

    Ethyl oxalyl monochloride Chemical Properties Product Name: Acetic acid, 2-chloro-2-oxo-, ethyl ester (CAS NO.4755-77-5) Molecular Formula: C4H5ClO3 Molecular Weight: 136.5337g/mol Mol File: 4755-77-5.mol EINECS: 225-285-0 Melting Point: 135 °C Boiling point: 137 °C at 760...Read More
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