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Bromide Products

  • 1-Bromo-2-methylpropane CAS No.:78-77-3
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    1-Bromo-2-methylpropane CAS No.:78-77-3

    1-Bromo-2-methylpropane Standards and Recommendations DOT Classification: 3; Label: Flammable LiquidRead More
  • Isobutyl Chloride CAS No.:513-36-0
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    Isobutyl Chloride CAS No.:513-36-0

    Isobutyl chloride Specification The Isobutyl chloride is an organic compound with the formula C4H9Cl. The IUPAC name of this chemical is 1-chloro-2-methylpropane. With the CAS registry number 513-36-0, it is also named as 2-Methyl-2-propyl chloride. The product's category...Read More
  • 2-Bromobutane CAS No.:78-76-2
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    2-Bromobutane CAS No.:78-76-2

    •ProName: 2-Bromobutane •CasNo: 78-76-2 •Molecular Formula: C4H9Br •Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid •Application: intermediate of organic synthesis. •DeliveryTime: In stock •PackAge: 250kgs/drum,according to the clients r... •Port: Any chinese port...Read More
  • 1,4-Dibromobutane CAS No.:110-52-1
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    1,4-Dibromobutane CAS No.:110-52-1

    1. Introduction of 1,4-Dibromobutane 1,4-Dibromobutane is a kind of Pharmaceutical intermediates, it is also called Dibromobutane; tetramethylene bromide; Tetramethylene dibromide. 2. Properties of 1,4-Dibromobutane Melting Point: - 20 °C(lit.) Boiling Point: 197 °C at 760...Read More
  • 1,4-Dichlorobutane CAS No.:110-56-5
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    1,4-Dichlorobutane CAS No.:110-56-5

    1,4-dichlorobutane Specification The IUPAC name of this product is 1,4-dichlorobutane. With the CAS registry number 110-56-5, it is also named as Butane, 1,4-dichloro-. The product's categories are industrial / fine chemicals; alpha,omega-bifunctional alkanes;...Read More
  • 1-Bromo-4-chlorobutane CAS No.:6940-78-9
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    1-Bromo-4-chlorobutane CAS No.:6940-78-9

    1-Bromo-4-chlorobutane Chemical Properties Product Name: 1-Bromo-4-chlorobutane (CAS NO.6940-78-9) Molecular Formula: C4H8BrCl Molecular Weight: 171.46g/mol Mol File: 6940-78-9.mol EINECS: 230-089-3 Appearance: clear liquid Boiling point: 164.3 °C at 760 mmHg Flash Point: 60...Read More
  • 1-Bromopentane CAS No.:110-53-2
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    1-Bromopentane CAS No.:110-53-2

    1-Bromopentane Chemical Properties Product Name: 1-Bromopentane CAS: 110-53-2 The Molecular formula of 1-Bromopentane (CAS NO.110-53-2): C5H11Br The Molecular Weight of 1-Bromopentane (CAS NO.110-53-2): 151.04 The Molecular Structure of 1-Bromopentane (CAS NO.110-53-2):...Read More
  • 1-Chloropentane CAS No.:543-59-9
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    1-Chloropentane CAS No.:543-59-9

    1-Chloropentane Chemical Properties IUPAC Name: 1-Chloropentane Synonyms of 1-Chloropentane (CAS NO.29656-63-1): Pentane, chloro- CAS NO: 29656-63-1 Molecular Formula: C5H11Cl Molecular Weight : 106.5938 Molecular Structure: H bond acceptors: 0 H bond donors: 0 Freely...Read More
  • 1-Bromo-3-methylbutane CAS No.:107-82-4
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    1-Bromo-3-methylbutane CAS No.:107-82-4

    3-Methyl-1-bromobutane; 3-Methylbutyl bromide; 4-Bromo-2-methylbutane; Isoamylbromide; Isobutylmethyl bromide; Isopentyl bromide; NSC 9240; Isoamyl bromide;Read More
  • Cyclopentyl Bromide CAS No.:137-43-9
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    Cyclopentyl Bromide CAS No.:137-43-9

    Bromocyclopentane Chemical Properties Molecule structure of Bromocyclopentane (CAS NO.137-43-9): IUPAC Name: Bromocyclopentane Molecular Weight: 149.02896 g/mol Molecular Formula: C5H9Br Density: 1.445 g/cm3 Boiling Point: 135 °C at 760 mmHg Flash Point: 35 °C Index of...Read More
  • Cyclopentyl Chloride CAS No.:930-28-9
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    Cyclopentyl Chloride CAS No.:930-28-9

    Cyclopentyl chloride Chemical Properties IUPAC:chlorocyclopentane CAS:930-28-9 The Molecular formula of Chlorocyclopentane(930-28-9):C5H9Cl The Molecular Weight of Chlorocyclopentane(930-28-9):104.58 Synonyms:chloro-cyclopentan;Cyclopentane,...Read More
  • 1,5-Dibromopentane CAS No.:111-24-0
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    1,5-Dibromopentane CAS No.:111-24-0

    1,5-Dibromopentane Chemical Properties IUPAC Name: 1,5-dibromopentane Empirical Formula: C5H10Br2 Molecular Weight: 229.9409g/mol EINECS: 203-849-7 Structure of 1,5-Dibromopentane (CAS NO.111-24-0): Index of Refraction: 1.503 Molar Refractivity: 40.67 cm3 Molar Volume: 137.4...Read More
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